Embracing Complexity

Economic analysis and tech-driven innovation

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At Heuris

We use our knowledge and theory, underpinned by a creative mindset, to enabling the discovery of new and innovative solutions to the most complex problems.

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Economic Analysis

Leading data collection expertise including behavioural analysis and rapid assessment methodologies for impact evaluation.


Our strategy services help you develop a clear and actionable plan to achieve your business goals. We work with you to understand your unique situation and develop custom solutions that fit your needs.

Tech Innovation

We help businesses and organisations innovate and stay ahead of the curve. We offer consulting, and development services to help you identify and implement a solution that best matches your needs.


We apply economic and behavioural theory, along with expertise in policy design, impact evaluation, and data science/analytics to define problems, consider solution pathways, and to measure the
effectiveness of proposed solutions.

Behavioural analysis

Behavioural analysis, experimental economics, behavioural interventions, behavioural change measurement and evaluation, and program learning insights/systems for behavioural change.

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Econometric analysis

Productivity and efficiency analysis, non-market valuation, impact evaluation.

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Policy review and analysis

Water policy, development policy, agricultural policy, environmental policy, impact pathways, policy design, implicit incentives, policy evaluation.

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Supply chain innovation

Smallholder-inclusive value chains, agro-food systems, achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), local food systems.

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Sustainability systems

Sustainability communication, sustainability governance, ESG, non-extractive development models.

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Web technologies

Quality assurance, certification systems, agro-food procurement and traceability systems, automated data collection/evaluation programs.

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Our Team

A focus on solutions and 'doing'

Our team members balance innovation and research with an impact-driven focus. Achieving impactful change requires those that can act to do so by moving beyond theory to application. We act on the changes we see as important to achieve a more equitable and sustainable world. Our team work together to understand sustainable development and agro-food supply chain issues merging theoretical rigour and innovation with program design and web- technology expertise.

  • Daniel Gregg

    Daniel Gregg

    Principal Economist

    Daniel has worked as a natural resource/agricultural economist and agribusiness analyst for Central Queensland University, Waikato University, the University of Adelaide and the University of New England applying various analytical techniques, including supply chain analysis, and productivity and efficiency analysis.

  • Jack McNicol

    Jack McNicol

    Principal Architect / Developer

    Jack is a Solutions Architect who has worked on various enterprise-level Australian businesses, corporations and educational institutions through their digital transformation journey.

  • Daniel Hill

    Daniel Hill


    Dan is an economist specialising in agriculture, rural development, water and natural resources, providing support for data analysis, research and policy advice.